(From New Latin sānitārium)

We think being involved in workshops is a very engaging and educational way of getting to know other artists, therefore we continue the success from last year with a workshop program and have now called it Sånatorium; somewhere you have time to take care of your health.

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Morning classes
Every morning from 10:00–11:00 at Hølen skole
50, - drop-in / free for volunteers

Start the festival day with an engaging physical warm-up led by our festival artists.
Open to all, just bring comfortable clothes and a portion of curiosity!


Workshop with The Human Clock

Tuesday and Wednesday at. 11.00 to 13.00
Limited number of places, register at workshop@saanafest.com or talk to Sånafest-Ingvild
Free and open to all. No prior knowledge required.

Janine Harrington holds a workshop in The Human Clock, the ongoing performance installation that ticks it’s way throughout the festival. Janine guides us through exercises that gives us a physical experience of time, to create a foundation for managing The Human Clock. This requires calm and precision, and can eventually be experienced as a meditative act. After this you are welcome to choose a time slot for performing the Clock during Sånafest!


Hans Ulrich Obrist: do it - Sånatorium with Mikkel R. Hofplass og Ingvild Isaksen

Thursday and Friday at 14:00-17:00 with performance Friday between 20:00 and 00:00
Limited number of places, register at workshop@saanafest.com or talk to Sånafest-Ingvild
For professional artists

This year, Sånafest has been given access to the compendium do it made by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. This consists of 250 instructions from artists worldwide, including such as Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic, Olafur Eliasson, Jérôme Bel and many more. With these, Mikkel and Ingvild facilitate a two-day Sånatorium which ends with a performance on Friday 29th of June at the do it Kunstekstravaganza Party.

After a test of different methods that can inspire the creations of the instructions, participants get access to the compendium, a selection of tools and objects, and are free to select their favorite instructions. On Friday, everyone gets the opportunity to give input to each other and can fine-tune their performances or art works until the show, same evening from kl. 20:00.

This workshop offers a great opportunity to test other artists' ideas in a site based context, within a short time frame and in front of an audience. We believe this will be an exciting and lively feature of the festival, where we witness what is possible to achieve in 24 hours.


Into the landscape - Workshop with Tormod Carlsen

Friday and saturday from 11.30 - 14.30

For anyone interested in ways the landscape is used in the art, regardless of the profession and experience


These workshops are based on Tormod Carlsen's work on landscape concepts and performing arts. In short, they are an introduction to the art of landscape speculation.

Based on the concepts Tormod uses in his work as; views, atmosphere, way of life, the situational perspective, the place and the inner landscape, it will explore possible scenic understandings of the landscape we are looking at.

On Saturday we will walk, reflect and try to respond to the surroundings around the Såna river. Those who wish to join the walk can subscribe to an individual hour on Thursday, where we put together a plan for a scenic response being tested.

The workshop takes place at Kulpa i Hølen and in the surroundings around Sånaelven