talking timber
something to follow–
you can also belong to something

Photo: Talking Timber

Photo: Talking Timber

when: 26.06 at 21:00

where: IN the GARDEN of Knapstadveien 1


Welcome to our opening-show in a garden in a local home, in the secret, little village Hølen!

Do you feel confused or alone? Do you not know what to believe in? Or do you simply need more to live for?
We offer you the possibility of seeing clearer, if only for a minute.
We offer a chance to feel part of a group without any dedication from your part. Except from showing up, that is all.

Together we will create a community adapted to a modern lifestyle. We are not afraid of what is not yet. We will show you strategies of how to cope with life in what may seem like an ever-changing world.

Join this journey into a pool of possibilities!


Talking Timber is a nordic theatre company from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, consisting of graduates from the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. The company focuses on the meeting-point between a physical and visual expression, and where tragedy and comedy goes hand in hand. Talking Timber is known for the performance Answering Answering-Machines (2013). They were in Hølen in 2014 with the show Of all places in a classroom at old Hølen skole, which took the audience by storm. The members of the company works in different productions and art contexts, some of you might remember Ida and Josephine from the audience success MARAN by Skoop at the tennis court in Hølen at Sånafest 2017!

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Concept: Talking Timber
By and with: Josephine Kylén Collins, Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass, Ida Grimsgaard

Scenografi: Ida Grimsgaard
Sound design: Josephine Kylén Collins and Nemanja Čađo
Technical coordinator: Nemanja Čađo

Duration: ca.70 min.

Supported by: 
FFUK and The Norwegian Art Council