Sudden art experiences in the surroundings

DRYPP shows visual art beyond the traditional exhibition spaces. With a humorous slant in our surroundings, city spaces and its void spaces are used as materials for various art projects in the form of urban interventions, sculptures, landart, performances and site-specific installations.

The exhibition concept DRYPP was initiated by Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass in 2017 and has come to be a solid feature at Sånafest. This year he has united forces with Ingvild Isaksen and presents a DRYPP program consisting of an art night at Lerviks Trebåtbyggeri and an art trail in the landscape around the center of Hølen. The Art Trail (Kunstløypa) offers experiences that invite active participation in various ways, in order for the artwork to be realized.

The DRYPP-cabin at Hølen Torg is open from kl. 12:00 to 21:00 every day, here you will find more information.

drypp art trail consists of

The Human Clock
Janine Harrington

26-30 of June in various places and times during the festival.

Fabrice Moinet

26–30 of June from 10:00–22:00.

Book a time slot in the DRYPP-cabin.

Naustet next to Hølen torg

Do it - the worlds longest exhibition

26-30 of June from 12:00-21.00

By Hans Ulrich Obrist
produced by ICI
, for Sånafest by Ingvild Isaksen and Mikkel R. Hofplass

Hølen Torg and surroundings

On Air

30 of June from 12:00–16:30

Book a time slot in the DRYPP-cabin.

Hølen Kafé