Tormod Carlsen

Sail away with me


when: 26.06-30.06 time tba
where: son Kystkultursenter

Sometimes you just want to run away. Run away from everything. Run from the people. Run from the noise. Run down to the sea and sail away, your way.

Welcome to our little theatre-boat! Sail away with me is a little dark dinghy that is anchored so that the public can come aboard and explore different attractions, one by one. This little theatre-boat is an exploration of found architecture and consists of different performances built up from things we have found, just as we found the theatre-boat itself. The boat tells stories about the sea - a symbol of freedom - and about longing for fellowship in a time defined by individual dreams.  

Life at sea can be seen as a celebration of everything life isn’t on land: relax, gamble, dance the night away and disconnect or be alone in nature and find yourself. The point is that life at sea fills us with longing to be elsewhere and longing to go home.

When you come aboard, you will be met by the crew who will tell about the boat and how it works. On the bridge, you can throw a party, gamble, sing karaoke and sip cocktails. On the sundeck, you can hear advice and stories from old sailors. Get a serving of puppet theater in the bathroom and retire to the cabin to listen to the words of others who have escaped to sea. The attractions can only be experienced by one person at a time and you determine the order and amount of attractions to be visited. I will sit here and hold watch, so just ask me if you wonder about anything and feel free to hang out.


Visitor note: Sail away with me is free of charge.


Tormod Carlsen is a director, performance artist and theatre scholar. He started his career as a circus artist and has worked in, around, with and on stage and performance art since 2004. Tormod is educated as a director from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo, 2015) and works in various constellations and in various roles on a range of projects and performances. All his work has the common purpose of seeking to further develop performance and theatre arts. Tormod is an affiliated artist of Oslo’s Black Box theater from 2017-2018.

Sail away with me is the third and last one-man show in a series titled, ‘In the End We Are All Alone’. This series is one of small theatre experiences, inspired by extinct theater tradition and with architecture as a starting point for the themes and content of the piece. At the heart of these projects is a notion that there is a connection between one’s surroundings and the contours of one’s inner world and performativity, a notion that all architecture invites to certain ways of life and performance.

Idea and concept by Tormod Carlsen
Co-developed with Heidi Dalene
Produced by Kristin Skiftun

Duration: Ongoing - stay as long as you like                   

This performance is supported by the Arts Council of Norway and the City of Oslo.