janine harrington
the human clock

s.12.The Human Clock.jpg

when: Daily, time of day varies
where: Hølen torg/hølen kafé


For the performative installation The Human Clock, choreographer and artist Janine Harrington animates a human size digital clock using only her own embodied sense of time passing. The Human Clock is an endurance test for the artist, where the act of "keeping track of time" grabs the audience's full attention. Rather than enabling the projection of a future, we are constantly and perversely caught in the labour of time as a constantly looping experience of time disappearing.


The Human Clock is done every day throughout the festival! On Saturday 30th June at Hølen Café you can also join Janine Harrington's concept 10 minutes.


The Human Clock is shown at Sånafest with support from the Norwegian Arts Council



About Janine Harrington
I am a British choreographer and performer working nomadically between formats and places. My work, which is usually for non-theatre contexts, foregrounds ideas about relationship, agency and attention,  exploring embodied interactivity and game-playing.

In recent years I have been commissioned by Brighton Festival, South East Dance, AIR Studio/ Islington Borough Council, Siobhan Davies Dance, Big Dance, The Hepworth Wakefield and Gi20.

I have recently completed two choreographic commissions to showcase artists' jewellery pieces (Maison Boghossian at NOMAD Monaco and Alexander Calder with Louisa Guinness Gallery at Natural History Museum London).

As a performer between 2012 and 2016 I worked mainly with Tino Sehgal, most recently at Fondation Beyeler in Basel (July 2017) dancing the solo Instead of allowing some thing to rise up to your face dancing bruce and dan and other things 2000.