EL GRAnde finale concert


when: 30.06 at 21:00

where: The circus tent in hølen

Bring your dancing shoes as we prepare to lift the roof of the Sånafest circus tent and end this year’s festival with a bang!

LecheBurre’s music is a milkshake of Latino, Afro and European styles. Their rhythm and music is a healthy energy-kick, making it impossible to stand still, and you just want to get together and dance.

They combine the music with an holistic perspective, where theatre and poetry interact, creating a space where the boundaries between people and cultures magically disappear.

Visitor note
The event takes place in Skøienparken in Hølen and is partly outdoors. We recommend dressing for the weather!


In 2005 a group of Chilean friends, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, gave birth to LecheBurre, a forum for experimental music and enjoyment. Their work resulted in various projects, ranging from theatre, video, poetry and, of course, music. LecheBurre has managed to distinguish themselves within the music scene as a band that charms a wide audience of all ages. This has been one of the goals of the band: to build a bridge between generations, nations and cultures, making the audience participants in what is developing on stage and part of the kind of world LecheBurre wants to create.



Luchano Muñoz - charango, saxophone, flutes and percussion Nadja Itäsaari - vocals
Patho Galvez - vocals and bass
Michael Andersson - percussion
Josue Trelles - flutes
Jorge Alcaide - vocals, cuatro and guitar

Duration: 150 minutes hours including break