How to get here?

Travelling to Hølen or Son

Trains leave from Jernbanetorget in Oslo at 18 minutes past every hour and corresponds with a free bus from Vestby station to Hølen or Sonsveien station to Son. All in all this takes about 45 minutes. Return is with the same bus at 15 minutes past minutes past every hour from Son and 26 minutes past from Hølen. Last bus leaves at 19.26 from Hølen and 23.15 from Son.

Go by bike! Check out and scroll down to Follomarka where you will find several options depending on where you want to start from. If you want more of a cosy bike ride on smaller roads check out, scroll down to Follomarka and get some sightseeing as well!

Boat from Aker Brygge at 10.00 or 15.00 which arrives in Son 1 hour and 50 minutes later. Return from Son is at 17.10. The same boat also leaves from Drøbak at 11.25 or 16.25 and arrives in Son 25 minutes later. ONLY SATURDAY! Se rutetabell her!

Drive from Oslo either via E6 or E18, just follow the signs to Gøteborg and stay on E6 after Tusenfryd, about 20 minutes later you see the sign for Son and Hølen. All in all it takes about 45 minutes. If you want more of a scenic route you can follow the Old Mosseveien from Hvervenbukta all the way past Vinterbro via Vestby kirke and arrive at the harbor in Son!

Staying the night around Såna

Quality Spa & Resort Son offers a double room for two people from 1500kr, book via

Solåsen Pilgrimsgård offers a bed for 250kr, sheets included in the price, see for more information.

Camping/Cabins/Tents, check out