Om Sånafest

About Sånafest

Sånafest is an international dance-, performance and culture festival connecting the two villages Son and Hølen together. Our aim is to make exciting international and local works available for the inhabitants and visitors of Hølen and Son, as well as giving all the artists a meeting point for new collaborations across a variety of cultures. The name of the festival comes from Såna, a river running through these two villages, on which more than 60 audience members could enjoy performances from canoes in 2014!

We collaborate internationally with the festival HangArt in Pesaro, Italy, from where we select one guest play to perform at the festival each year. Sånafest has been the lucky and grateful reciever of an Art Council Grant from Kulturrådet to keep arranging our festival. We are also grateful to have such a good and solid support from Vestby kommune and Akershus Fylkeskommune. To do the best job we possibly can do Team Såna have decided to make the festival a biennale, meaning we will be back the summer of 2017 and again 2019, and so on for as long as we can count. Next Sånafest will happen 17-24 of june 2017!