©Nico Brons

©Nico Brons


when: 30.06 at 17:00
Where: Ballbingen at hølen skole

Powerful, energetic, playful and acrobatic dance!

Asuelto is performed by four dancers, and is an exploration into the working process of HURyCAN, a look inside reality to reach necessary actions, to understand life as an organism, like the stories of a moving body, which transmit and share what it is: magic and tangible, conceptual and sensitive, beautiful and ugly...Alive.


How to find you without covering you, to discover myself without infecting you? An indispensable urgency to renew.

Give me some advice, an opinion, although we are entangled in the same knot, perhaps I do or do not listen...

Step the cord to cut your moorings, overthrowing the realistic balance, setting the rules for a drift towards the improbable knots of doing, a journey from the body, caught between advancing and going backwards, trying to reconnect with that decisive moment and return differently.

Just one altered step and everything has started, or merely everything continues, who knows? Just in case... step on your cord.


HURyCAN´s work questions our limits and the elemental communication through movement and has a language based in a stunning physical expression. Founded in 2013, HURyCAN is the artistical encounter between Arthur Bernard Bazin and Candelaria Antelo. They started investigating together in 2010, creating Discordio, winner at the 1st Certamen Coreográfico de Vallecas. In the following year they undertook the creative process of the duet Te odiero, which among other works by HURyCAN has been rewarded with several choreographic prices in Spain, Germany and France. In 2016 they created their newest performance to date, Asuelto.

Concept and choreography: HURyCAN / Arthur Bernard Bazin and Candelaria Antelo
Devised and performed by: Candelaria Antelo, Arthur Bernard Bazin, Xavier Auquer Gómez, Pau Colera Arias
Sound design: Sergio Salvi

Duration: 25 minutes

Presented at Sånafest with support from Arts Council Norway