Sånafest 2014

This year 28 international and norwegian artists came to the two small villages Hølen and Son, where the festival lasted for three wonderful days. The last day we launched over 60 audience members in canoes, where they could combine the experience of seeing different performances at the riverbank while paddling up the river Såna from Son to Hølen.


Julie Rasmussen, Tine Østergaard, Tilde Elme (NO/DK)
”Knowing Me Knowing You”

”Everything was forever, until it was no more”

Masako Matsushita, Paolo Paggi (IT/JP)

Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass (NO)
”Marking what's underneath”

Støv Productions (NO)

Talking Timber (NO/SE/DK)
”Of all places”

Ingvild Isaksen (NO)
”People ” & ”Make a move"

Karina Suarez Bosche (MX), Felipe Sánchez Luna (CO), Cheng Ting Chen (TW)
”Desierto de Sillas”

”Female Fonda Fans”

Cornelia Voglmeyr (AT)
”Frayed and disrupted”


Kjersti Aas Stenbye (NO)
Concert at Hølen Kunst og Bokcafe

Andreas Strand Renberg (NO)
Concert at Hølen Kunst og Bokcafe

Lelly (AT)
Concert at Hølen Kunst og Bokcafe

Lieblein (NO)
The amazing blugrass-band ending the opening night at Garntørka

Video of Sånafestivalen 2014